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My name is Agnieszka Skuza. My goal is to deliver marketing resources as a service to international technology companies in Poland.
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Your Marketing Agency in Poland

Are you going to enter the Polish market with your brand or product? Maybe you are already here but you need better results? To boost your sales, you need to communicate effectively. To be successful here, you’ve got to understand how people in Poland think. That’s why your original messaging may no longer be relevant and can’t be fixed with a simple translation. You need an efficient marketing agency in Poland.

Our goal is to deliver a full array of marketing services for IT companies in Poland - from lead generation campaigns to event management and public relations.

Public Relations

We establish contacts with the local industry press and portals on behalf of your brand.


We organize trainings, workshops, and conferences for IT companies from A to Z.


We design and create corporate websites and landing pages.

Lead Generation

We run campaigns for acquiring sales contacts from the IT industry.


We carry out e-mailing campaigns in cooperation with local media partners.


We create specialized texts together with experienced technical copywriters.


We translate advertising and information materials, including technical ones.

Channel marketing

We cooperate with partners at the implementation of the campaigns and we support the recruitment of partners.

What can we do for you? 

Public Relations

Attention to brand recognition and a good brand image are important issues. Even if you focus on direct contacts with potential customers, a presence in the press and on the internet increases trust and makes it easier to reach a wider audience and establish cooperation with business partners. We will gladly help you with this. Our PR activities for IT companies include, among other things, contacts with the media, press releases preparation, and media monitoring. We have our eyes open for you at all times, taking advantage of every opportunity to present your company in a positive light.

Events & Workshops

The organization of corporate events is a great opportunity to introduce your company’s ideas to potential customers and business partners. It is good to take advantage of these. We provide assistance in organizing events and trainings for IT companies in Poland, from organizing the event itself, to preparing conference materials, creating and maintaining event websites, running e-mail campaigns or handling the process of inviting and registering participants. With our help, organizing events and IT trainings can be easier than you think.

Websites & Content Management

IT marketing, like any other business, starts online. If you lack the resources to create a local website, if you do not want to waste time on it, or if you would just prefer to entrust this task to local IT marketing specialists who will do it professionally and with greater benefit to your company - we are here to help you. We create corporate websites and landing pages for events or lead generation campaigns. We are also happy to handle e-mail marketing or social media and broadly understood internet advertising.

E-mail Marketing

Maintaining constant contact with customers and business partners is an important part of any marketing strategy. However, it cannot be denied that it takes a lot of time and requires a number of skills. We can take care of matters related to e-mail marketing of your company. We help in, among other things, conducting recruitment campaigns for trading partners, creating promotion and loyalty programs, running current service of marketing communication channels and e-mailing regarding organized trainings and conferences.
We cooperate with reputable Polish industry publishers that have profiled databases of recipients in the IT industry.

Partner Engagement

If you are a vendor or a distributor, probably it's very important to you to build an efficient sales channel in Poland and to make your resellers engaged in selling your products. We can help to recruit proper partners for you, to manage your co-branded marketing activities with resellers, to plan and deliver MDF.

Social Media Management

Hard to exist on the market today without being present in Social Media. Social Media is one of the main channels to reach and interact with your audience - your brand community. They can also be a tool to generate sales leads. We will run your company's profile on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn in Polish or English language. We will prepare posts and graphics, organize competitions, expand and involve your community. If necessary, we will organize paid advertising campaigns in social media.

Lead generation

We will help you to generate sales leads in Poland. We have many years of experience in generating leads for our clients from the IT industry. We create e-mailings and landing pages, organize Google campaigns, social media campaigns and banner campaigns, we cooperate with leading media partners in Poland.

Advertising materials

An IT company’s advertising material scan be not only informative, but practical. We will be happy to prepare promotional materials for your company, such as advertising gadgets, leaflets, catalogs, brochures, posters, and exhibition systems. We will design and take care of the implementation of any advertising materials that you wish to distribute to clients, business partners or participants at conferences or trainings organized by your company.

Graphic design

Some brands are recognizable at first glance. Characteristic logos, symbols or colors are not only remembered, but the companies that use them are considered professional and trustworthy. If you would like your IT company to be perceived this way, we will be happy to take care of your brand's graphic side. Not only will we create graphic designs that will help you stand out from the competition, but we will also take care of the entire implementation process subject to your approval.

Localization – translations

Localization is not only a type of translation service, but also an effective advertising and marketing tool. Let’s say your company creates computer games and needs dubbing that will be performed by a recognizable and liked person from the country or region. Or maybe you need other localization elements in your products or an interesting translation of the names used. Our translation experts will perfectly adapt your application or website to the requirements of a given country and its culture, enriching the message and avoiding any cultural obscurity.


Our effectiveness in supporting the marketing of IT companies is due to many years of experience in this industry and excellent knowledge of the Polish IT market. 
Many Polish and international IT companies have trusted us. As part of B2B cooperation, we will also be happy to help your company plan and implement marketing activities in Poland, acting together with a trusted team as an external marketing department or providing significant marketing support in individual projects.

We work with a group of trusted specialists - translators, copywriters, programmers, designers, and suppliers of advertising materials to provide our clients with services at the highest level.

If you need advertising and PR specialists for IT companies, and you do not want to increase staffing, remember that you can count on our help at any time. Thanks to our focus on maximum flexibility, we manage to settle many matters on the same day and with formalities kept to a minimum.
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Our clients are international and local IT companies - producers, service providers, distributors and systems integrators.

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