Why does an IT company need a marketing agency in Poland?

Marketing agency in Poland - why?Polish IT market has already undergone the phase of a double-digit growth, but still has not reached full maturity. According to IDC, it is the proportionate share of hardware, software and services sale that is a sign of market maturity. In Poland, in 2019 as much as 51% of the turnover was generated by hardware, 32% by services, and software was only responsible for 17%. The size of the entire ITC market in Poland is estimated at approximately USD 19 billion*. Therefore, there is no doubt that the Polish IT market is still growing and offers considerable development opportunities for hardware, software and ICT services suppliers.

Many suppliers in Poland do not have sufficiently developed sales structures and such large revenues to employ local marketing specialists here. They often rely on the support of a distributor or business partner. However, is that sufficient? A distributor or a reseller generally cooperates with multiple suppliers and focuses his/her efforts on the products that bring him/her the greatest profit. These are usually already developed brands, well known on the market. Thus, a kind of a vicious circle arises, as the product entering the market needs much more commitment to build brand awareness and reputation.

In such cases, it is worth using the services of a marketing agency in Poland. It is best if that is an agency experienced in cooperation with companies from the IT industry, knowing the realities and language of this market, as well as the entities present on it.

Marketing agency in Poland – how can it help?

Marketing agency in Poland

A marketing agency in Poland can play the role of a local marketing department and provide comprehensive support for marketing activities in Poland: organize events, cooperate with the media in the field of (paid) advertising and Public Relations activities, run profiles in social media, organize campaigns for acquiring sales leads and telemarketing, collaborate with influencers, create local content (leaflets, brochures, articles, e-mails, websites).

Support of a marketing agency in Poland may also relate to the development of the sales channel - recruitment of new partners and activation of existing ones. The agency may support partners in joint marketing campaigns with the producer, ensure the effectiveness of these activities and proper use of resources from the marketing cooperation fund (COOP or MDF).

How to choose a marketing agency in Poland?

When choosing a marketing agency in Poland, attention should be paid to whether the agency has experience in working with companies from the IT industry. The IT market, and B2B in particular, uses a specific language and it is very important that your communication sounds professional to specialists in this field. It is very easy for an inexperienced person to make a mistake, which can be judged by the recipients as a lack of professionalism and knowledge, which in turn can have a disastrous effect on the brand’s reputation. Familiarize yourself with the agency’s portfolio, the list of its clients and their opinions. Choose a company that specializes in servicing IT companies and has international experience.

Marketing agency in Poland - cost

Marketing agency in Poland – costs.

What do the costs of servicing by a marketing agency in Poland depend on? Certainly on the scope of cooperation - the number of hours needed to perform the contract. If the subject of cooperation includes paid advertising activities carried out by external companies, for example press or online advertising, Google Ads or social media campaigns, or mailings, their cost is a significant element of the entire budget. The size of the agency itself can also be relevant. Large agencies have higher own costs, which are often reflected in the price level of agency services. International companies will surely notice that the costs of services in Poland are still lower than in Western European countries, which results from lower labor costs in particular.

* IT and telecommunications market in Poland -2020 report, Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications and IDC


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