Why does an IT company need a PR agency in Poland

PR Agency PolandConsiderable IT market diversification makes it difficult for companies to reach potential customers with their message. Even high innovation and the quality of the equipment, software or services offered is not enough to make it become recognizable without adequate marketing support, favored by public relations activities. In order to promote your own solutions, it is worth using the services of a proven PR agency operating on a given market. The experience and insight gained by such an institution will allow you to reach the right customers with the message much faster than in the case of building your own structures from scratch, whether within the marketing department or another cell.


PR agency in Poland - benefits package

The main advantage of using the services of an external PR agency is the ability to reduce workload in the company. This in particular translates into cost reduction, and allows you to focus on the proper activity of the company in the field of production, distribution, installation or technical service of ICT solutions. A specialized PR agency has appropriate tools and developed standards that allow it to reach wide groups of recipients that are particularly interested in the IT solutions offered.

A PR agency specializing in the ICT market has proven databases of media, people and institutions from various IT areas. Thanks to this, it can quickly prepare and properly target a campaign for selected solutions and services. No need to build your own databases or buy the proverbial pig in a poke not only allows you to save money, but also time.

PR agency in Poland – wide range of activities

As part of public relations activities, the agency may prepare a comprehensive or narrow range of services. The activities include, among others, organization and management of events, preparation of stands at trade fairs, social media service, acquiring leads, telemarketing, organizing support from influencers, creating websites and mailings, as well as specialized articles, brochures and leaflets - including the process of preparation, printing and distribution to interested customer groups.

Many, if not most, PR agency activities are carried out on the Internet. The basic tasks include SEO and SEM support. As part of these activities, the agency can prepare evaluation of the client’s website and improve it in terms of search engines. Google Ads campaigns are also created, the purpose of which is to display advertisements to recipients interested in given data. By using proven tools, the agency allows you to significantly streamline this process and allocate advertising funds to activities that have a real impact on the sale of solutions and services.

PR Agency IT in Poland

PR agency in Poland – cooperation with the media

The role of the media, both traditional and online, is also important. A marketing agency operating on the market guarantees access to specialist journalists, and can also negotiate attractive rates for advertising or promotional materials. The preparation and posting of press and sponsored materials, as well as constant media monitoring are other activities that can be outsourced to the agency, which allows you to save both time and money. The knowledge of the publishing plans also allows to adjust the publications to increase the interest in the company’s products and services. Expert statements and publication of the case study in appropriate media are also part of the tasks of the marketing agency.

PR agency in Poland – social responsibility and HR

Help or preparation of activities related to corporate social responsibility (CSR) from scratch is also part of the PR agency’s activities. It can also support recruitment activities and the work of HR units, focusing on building employer branding, which allows to increase the perception of the company as an “employer of choice”.

PR Agency IT Poland

Proper PR agency is essential

When choosing a PR agency, it is worth following the opinions and base of clients who use its services. Extensive portfolio shows that the agency is trusted and has a good understanding of the ICT solutions market. Especially for brands that are just entering the market, such support is extremely important, because the knowledge of the specificity and conditions of a given country translates into the appropriate selection of marketing techniques. It is also worth taking a look at the full profile of the agency. In the case of large institutions, services can be significantly more expensive, for instance because of the extensive team of permanent employees.

Although many distributors and business partners offer their own marketing and PR support, it can often be insufficient. This is due to the fact that distributors focus their efforts on solutions that bring them the greatest profit, which in turn translates into appropriate allocation of advertising budgets. In the case of an agency, we are sure that its activities will be focused on specific solutions and services.


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